April turns into May, and I keep writing!

This is a rambling story that I started writing in April and here it is the first of May.  Hopefully, my "Jaymi" brain doesn't take till the first of June to finish this.  I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing.

In April I wrote: This has been a very interesting year when it comes to weather.  Just the other day I put my winter PJs in the drawer, and now I have had to pull them out again. Maybe we should take a lesson from the weather and be willing to change and keep everyone guessing as to what our next creation will be. I'm all for that.

April has been interesting as I started the month taking a trip to Fairhope Alabama with my friend Linda Lloyd.  We ate enough fried seafood to last us a year, but it sure was good.  Now I have to go on a diet to get back to my original curvy fluffy body because the day after Easter I leave on a 10-day excursion to Texas.  For my birthday my daughter and son-in-law are taking Charles and Me on a trip to see the Texas wildflowers.  What I really wanted to see will be long gone due to the warm weather Texas has been having.  The Bluebonnets, how I do love them.

Bluebonnet Tile

My love of Bluebonnets started because back in the early 1900's my grandfather purchased bags of bluebonnet seeds and spread them on the highways of Mason County.  He ran a trucking line and he wanted his County to be the prettiest one in Texas.  Even though the roads have been widened I like to think that the fields of bluebonnets throughout Mason County are the offspring of what my Grandfather planted many years ago.

May 2017- Back home from Texas and oh what I pleasure it was to drive through Mason County in the hill country of Texas.  There were still patches of bluebonnets covering the roadside, but what made them even more beautiful were the Indian Blankets and Indian Paint Brushes that surrounded them.  The colors ranged from blues to dark red to bright yellow.  It was a beautiful time to be in my home state.

The cactus was in bloom and my daughter climbed up the embankment to get me a close up of the flower.  Her husband was not happy because bees were flying all around her.

Cactus bloom and beetles.

When we got back in the car and looked at the photo she had taken it wasn't bees!  The flower was covered with beetles.

Wildflowers were not our only reason for going to Texas.  We wanted to visit with my oldest living relative.  Aunt Dorothy is 95 years old and still gets up every morning and puts on full face makeup and goes to the beauty parlor every week.  She is beautiful both inside and out.  She still lives in her home that sits in front of my cousin's home so he and his wife check on her every day, but she is a very independent lady.

Cocktail hour at the Johnson Family Farm

The trip included visits to my sister and another cousin's home so I have a lot more stories to tell as well as photos galore to share.  My cousin Gary's place is very interesting as he raises exotic animals.  So stay tuned I have only begun to tell my stories.

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