Hello again

2017 is a year that most of us on this website will be glad to see it gone. It seemed like family health took more of our energy and did not allow anything left over to be creative.

Left side
The right side of the mural.

I did have a large mural order to fill which kept me going, and this week I finally got it finished.  It is in a home where the wife is a caterer and the husband is known for his delicious apple pie.  The mural is to go in the range area and it is too large for me to get a complete photo, but here it is in two separate photos of each side.

This past week the Lady Fingers potters had a get-together and decided that it was time to start having fun again.  Happiness brings creative juices flowing.  We will end 2017 on a high note as we look forward to 2018.


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