Here Come the Holidays!




Patti Petit, at Running Rabbit Pottery trying not to get caught up in the holiday mash. Do not get me wrong. I love the holidays. I grew up in a large family. We moved often because of my Dad's work so we were very close. Now we are scattered, even my children. Holidays involve some travel and schedule hopscotch. But this year my son plans being here with us (being my daughter, son-in-law and adopted family the kind mutually adopted in love and friendship). That is for Thanksgiving. Later in mid December I will go to his home in Cape Coral, Florida. That is a 12 to 14 hour drive with two dogs, a cat and a canary. Folks ask if I am afraid traveling alone. Why should I be? Who is going to tackle a crazy lady with a menagerie in her car?

A few years ago we cut back on the gifting for Christmas, settling on one small gift. Last year we cut back to cards. We donate to several causes dear to us and now we can give more.


I am not averse to gifting. I love it. I love presents and surprises.  But we give nice gifts often through the   course  of a year. And we now spend every minute of the holiday season, decorating, cooking, visiting and entertaining, gifting friends and loved ones, enjoying seasonal music and favorite films. "A Tuna Christmas" has become a must, and it isn't Christmas until we hear the entire Nutcracker through. We all participated in the ballet many years back. What memories!





In my clay life Christmas means angels  and  candle  holders and little gift items that speak   of the holiday. I am always happy when someone wants one of these gifts because they are made with love, lots of music in the studio and the wonder that comes with the holidays.




This year an old friend renewed acquaintance and commissioned angels and owls for her two galleries. One, Wander, is in Clayton, Georgia, the other Addington Osborne LTD is located in Atlanta. Renewing a friendship has been the nicest gift of this holiday season so far.

partyplatewithwineglass                                                                        I even designed a wine and hors d'oeuvre  dish that should be handy for parties anytime of year. While I have a set in bright colors, I am also working on a sophisticated black and white design for the same pieces. The holidays go on longer here in the South.  After all  -  we have Mardi Gras!


Meanwhile I have been able to update and list holiday pieces on my store.  My clay bud Lady Fingers are hard at work too. Can't wait to see what they are up to. You can check up on

Jaymi Hampton -

Susan Holmes

Patricia Noell


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