Waiting for the storm to hit our home.  The only thing I worry about is the log cabin because of the huge very old trees that surround it.  Lately, I have been working mainly on tile jobs for peoples kitchens.  Tile must be coming back into style.

I am back from my wildflower trip to Texas.  I am writing a new story, but in the meantime, I have decided to have a spring cleaning sale in my Etsy shop.  Use code "SPRINGCLEANING"  at the end of your order to receive a 30% discount on your whole order.  Help me make room for the new creations I am working on.


This is just a taste of the photos from our trip to the Alabama Clay Conference held in Birmingham.  One man at the motel we stayed at said he was sure Birmingham would not be the same after we left.

Here are just a few of the photos from the Conference.  I'm sure each of us will be adding our own stories of what we took away from the 3 days of watching three completely different artists create.

View from our table


Here we all are sitting at our table except Missy who was probably out purchasing art supplies from the dealers.  The photo of her is coming home when we ate breakfast at a Crackerbarrel. We died laughing when this fierce looking pilot kept staring at Missy.

As usual, when the five of us travel together we always have a really good time.

Luncheon outing in Greenville SC.


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