Meet the Lady Fingers

Once upon four different times, four women were captivated by clay. They studied, practiced and became potters. Each has her own style, her own studio and her own story. They were friends, and more than friends, they became a “tribe” sharing the art they love.


JaymiJaymi HamptonEastburn Originals has worked in clay the longest. She has had many clay oriented businesses. She and her husband Chuck still produce decorative tiles as Eastburn Originals. Her own work is fanciful and totally original.



PattiPatti PetitRunning Rabbit Pottery found clay during a long stretch of unemployment. Nature inspires all of her work. Her Leaf People are her signature pieces. Even her functional work reflects the world of nature around her.



SusanSusan HolmesSimply Susan's Pots discovered clay while interviewing clay artists for a series of newspaper articles. She is “The Glaze Queen” of the group noted for her stunning color work. Her large bowls and vases are her signature pieces.



PatPat NoellPottery by Noell got the clay bug visiting her longtime friend Susan Holmes. Before long she was learning at Susan’s side and soaking up information from the rest of the tribe. She has discovered jewelry, and her pendants are coveted gifts among the group.


The Lady Fingers all have Etsy stores and most post photos of their work on their Facebook pages. They decided that by offering a look at each and all of them in one place, their story and their work will encourage people to discover and acquire the art, craft, utility and functionality of clay. Four ladies, forty fingers and hands full of original and creative work.