Onward with the vase. Part 2

Gang of three

This is turning into a very fun adventure as the three of us (Susan Holmes, Missy Whitlock, and Jaymi Hampton) work as a team creating our first really big vase. Last week I showed photos of our building two huge halves in my studio.

Missy with both halves of the vase.

We had to let them harden overnight so that we could transport them to Susan's home to put in her big kiln.

Chip lowering the bottom half of vase into the kiln.

They were too heavy for us to carry down the steps at Susan's home so I called my son Chip Hampton to come over and carry them for us.  He, of course, did it with ease and had to show off in the process.  After we got the bottom half of the vase in the kiln we stored the top half under plastic in Susan's studio until the next day.  With relief, having accomplished a major step in the process, we headed back home.

Susan's kiln is under her covered back patio.  Ten minutes after we left this is the photo she took of her porch very near to where we had all been standing ten minutes earlier.

Bear wants to be a potter.

They call the bear bb butt because Missy's husband shot him in the butt with a bb gun thinking it would scare him off their porch.  Instead, he has decided he is just part of the family now and goes merrily between Missy and Susan's homes.

In the photo with Chip, you can see one of the hands we have put on the vase.  The symbol of Resurrection Episcopal Church is the butterfly and when finished the vase will have butterflies flying out of the two hands and up over the mountains and river that will also be on the vase.

Part 3 of this adventure coming up in the next day are two.

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  1. Teresa Anderson

    I love it!! I can't wait to see the finished masterpiece. What a wonderful adventure!! xo


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