Part three of “The Vase”

Last time I showed you photos of putting the wet clay vessel into the kiln.  The weather turned rainy and it took about 10 days of Susan Holmes going out and candleing it for about an hour a day until it was dry enough to fire.  Candleing is when you only turn one set of electric coils on at a time and it slowly drys out the piece you are working on.  Finally, Susan was able to fire the vase and bless her husband's heart he helped her lift it out of the kiln and put it in her studio.

Butterflies sculpted in colored clay.

The three of us painted on the vase all one afternoon.

Everybody lift together.
Laughter helps
Break time!

Finally, it was coffee break time.  All that was left was for Susan to fire in the kiln.  Oops, I hope Susan doesn't fire in the kiln!  Hopefully, she will fire the pot in the kiln.


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