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During the month of February The Lady Fingers Pottery gals went on a road trip to Birmingham, AL for the annual 3 day Clay Conference featuring clay artist demonstrating their techniques. This was my first visit.  It was a wonderful learning experience.  Here are some photos from our adventure.

Completed green ware Sculpture by Cheryl Tall before firing.
Completed greenware by Tony Clennell before firing
Cheryl Tall's piece displayed in gallery
Ken Baskin's piece displayed in gallery
Tony Clennell's piece displayed in gallery
The girls surrounding one of Cheryl Tall's piece in gallery
Ken Baskin demonstrating at conference
Tony Clennell hard at work


Cheryl Tall satisfied with her piece








I've been pretty busy this week along with our  "LadyFingers" tribe. We met with our "techy guro", Susan Williams, to learn new enhancements to our blog. The problem I have with learning new things at my age is that I can absorb the information immediately but 24 hours later, it's torture trying to recall everything without good notes. Oh well.....

Admittedly, I'm not as motivated to write as the rest of my tribe.  They have to light a fire under me to post an article but once I get started I really enjoy it.

Along with making and glazing pottery pieces this week, some of us went over to the Art Gallery to help clean up.  That's one thing I find therapeutic.  Don't ask me why.  I guess it reminds me of the days growing up when I would help work in the yard with gardening and housework.  My mom didn't need a maid with me around.  I was always wanting to please.

So tonight (after working in the yard most of the day), my husband and I are going to an infant/child CPR class.  With our 17 month old granddaughter and both of our daughters pregnant (due within the next few months), we all agreed this would be a training class worthwhile as our babysitting schedule promises to get much busier!

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