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It's been such a hot summer!  So I've been spending most of my time in my cramped (but air conditioned) studio space which at least gives me some comfort while working on my clay projects.  My latest efforts have been focused on trying to recreate a small container that I made recently.  The first piece cracked along a seam after a glaze firing.  I was so disappointed because I enjoyed making it and the glaze turned out lovely.  Since I had already drawn out templates for thIMG_3252IMG_3340e first one, it was easy to duplicate. See the image on the far left  of the first one....bummer, and then the green ware on the right before first kiln firing.  Hopefully this one will work out.

I also enjoy making small ceramic pendant necklaces.  A friend who was visiting recently was wearing one.   It looked lovely and she suggested that I give it a try.  So I began experimenting with different shapes and textures.  After the kiln firing, I have to decide what glazes or combination of glazes would look pretty.  Then once I have the glazed piece in my hand, I select the color for the leather cord--to give it a more "bohemian" look.  I purchase the beads from a local bead shop which has a rich selection of gemstones, bone, hand painted beads and lamp-work beads that would complement the style.  I've been pleased with the results so far.  You can check out my pendants at


Another ongoing project which nags at me is a summer knitted top that I was hoping to finish before the end of summer. That's never going to happen.  It's a beautiful yarn which changes in texture and size, so it's tricky to knit.  You really have to pay attention and not be distracted, because it's easy to drop a stitch.  Here's a picture of the pattern below left and what I have completed so far on the right.  As you caIMG_3348n see, I have a long way to go.






My potter friends are also knitters--sometimes we take a break from the clay and spend the afternoon knitting.  It's less messy.  There was a time (years ago), if someone had asked me if I was a knitter, I would reply "No way, it looks boring and I don't have the patience to sit and knit"  Well, I've had a change of heart since then.  I find it to be relaxing (most of the time) and rewarding. I guess pottery and knitting has somehow mellowed my former corporate Type A behavior.



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