Soup Bowls for Charity Event

Ok, so this page is suppose to represent me, Susan.  Well I guess first off you can deduct that I am a charitable person, although I wouldn't say that was my most dominant trait.  But the bowls depicted above were all made for a local event that will help benefit the area food pantry.  Actually, all the Lady Fingers have made bowls for this project and we had a grand time doing so, as we all gathered in Patti's studio one cold January day and shared food, laughter and clay tools.       

It is now February 11th and I am working diligently on this web page.  I'll have to be honest, this would be an absolute nightmare for me if I didn't enjoy writing like I do.  This site actually makes me sit down and do something I've always found fulfilling.  I'm not a techy, however and the rest of this stuff makes me a little crazy.  Yesterday, as our fearless techy leader was instructing us Lady Fingers on how to grow this site, she looked up at me and said "Is there a problem, Susan?  You look a little baffled."  "Baffled", she says.  Now just because I had the look of a deer caught in the head lights, I can't imagine her thinking I was baffled?!?!

Learning social media. UGH!


But anyway...I knew I'd have to get right to this stuff, or would have a snowball's chance in hell of remembering anything she tried to teach us.  So here I am.  But ya know, who knows - maybe I'll take to this whole web site thing like a duck to water.  Don't hold your breathe or anything.  I said "maybe".  Until next time...don't forget to smell the clay!