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Mural above kitchen range

Mural painting for the Church of the Ressurection "Feeding the multitudes” by Jaymi

We started the Episcopal Church of the Resurrection in 1993 with twelve families which quickly grew into many happy souls. In 1996 we started building our new Church building.   My husband and I decided to do a mural for the kitchen as our gift to the Church.  The following is the explanation of the mural that I wrote at the time we installed it.


Front of Church. In the valley between two mountains.

“With God’s help, our church kitchen will feed all who come into it and bring joy to those who serve the Lord through it.

When Chuck and I decided to do a mural to celebrate the happiness we feel for our new church, it just seemed logical to carry out the theme of the miracle when Jesus served “fellowship dinner” with only five loaves of bread and two fish. 

What church mural would be complete without grapevines and stalks of wheat throughout?  This symbolizes the body and blood of Jesus and the shared communion each Sunday that holds us all together.

Wine is mentioned in the Bible many times, but I was especially inspired by the miracle of changing water into wine.  This was the first public demonstration of Jesus’ heaven-sent power.  We, by the building of our church, are making a public demonstration to the world of our love for Jesus and each other.

The pomegranate design above the sink is the symbol of the resurrection power of our Lord, who was able to burst forth from death and the tomb.

Mural over sink area.



  I chose two butterflies to paint, the Little Copper and the Painted Lady.  The Little Copper is small, but dazzling to see.  What really won me over was its ability to adapt and thrive in areas disturbed by human activities or natural events.  Wherever it lands it is right at home no matter how disturbed the site.  This is my symbolic statement representing the tornado that devastated the property before we built our church.  I was attracted to the Painted lady because of its worldwide distribution.  It is the most widespread butterfly in the world, found on every continent except Antarctica.

Mustard flowers in front of the jug of wine.

I added the mustard flower, not because of the mention of the mustard seed, a tiny seed from which a large plant grows, where birds can come and find shelter (even though this reflects our church).  I choose it because the mustard seed flower is in the shape of the Maltese cross that we also have used in our rose window design.

Hyssop Flowers with Pomegranate

Until recently, because of inconsistencies in the Greek texts, many believed that hyssop was probably oregano or savory.  Now, with the discovery that penicillin grows on the leaves of the hyssop plant, it is believed that hyssop was indeed a useful medication that acted as antibiotic protection when lepers were bathed in it.  This is the lavender flower in the mural.

They offered him wine to drink, mixed with gall; but when he tasted it, he would not drink it. 

All my life I thought Jesus refused to drink because it was foul tasting.  If I had been Jesus, I would have refused it too!  Now, with my new knowledge of what gall is, I don’t know that I could have refused it to alleviate my suffering as Jesus did.  For, you see, it is now believed that “gall” is the juice of the poppy plant!

Poppy flowers with wheat and pomegranate.

I read about gall in a gardening book.  I ask Steve Lipscomb, our Priest, about it and he said he had never heard that version, but that was not to say it wasn’t true.”


Since writing this we have had a number of Priests.   We happily now have Rev. Scott Kidd, who has become a central part of the continued loving atmosphere of our Church family.  We are now expanding the kitchen and adding a larger parish hall.  I was really made to feel wonderful when a number of people in the Church said, “You aren’t taking down the mural!”  The answer was no they weren’t about to touch the mural.

New Parish Hall under construction.


A little Church history in relation to this mural is the story behind where we built our Church.  We were meeting in the historic Courthouse and then the Bank annex building in downtown Cleveland GA, as we searched for property to build on.  In 1995 a huge tornado tore through our county and over Mtn. Yonah and touched down on property owned by one of our members.  They were living in a hundred-year-old home on the property. They were 2 weeks away from moving into a large beautiful new home they were building on the rise behind their home.  The tornado did terrible damage to the livestock and completely wiped the new home off of the face of the earth.   The wife said she could not rebuild and so they offered the property to their Church Family.

The name Resurrection, that we had named our Church certainly stood for where we have built a beautiful Church family home.

Everyone who visits says, this Church is truly “God Blessed”.