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Not too many people have the time or opportunity to visit a working pottery studio. It can be quite a surprise. Of course every studio is different, depending on size, the artist’s work and the total use of the space.


studiio2016My studio Running Rabbit Pottery is large compared to my fellow Lady Fingers work spaces. I have 14 ½ feet by 37 feet of space and two levels. The ground level is all work space. The kilns are in the lower space where they can be well vented. Kilns reach temperatures over 2000 degrees and run for hours. My first studio was 6 feet X 6 feet. I threw in my garage so I had to wash the car after every session.

The studio is both work and display space, as well as a learning space. Since I teach the size works well. I can handle 4 students comfortably although I prefer no more than 2 students for beginners since I am very thorough and a bit of a demon about safety and best practices.

So what do you think about visiting Running Rabbit Pottery in Cleveland, GA? My studio is a sweet yellow building tucked back among tall trees. You walk down a gently sloping path to the door. There is usually a wreath or some seasonal welcome on the same.
studiotour1 The door opens on my slab roller. This is my most prized and used piece of equipment. They are not cheap and I bought the best I could. It is great because the height allows me to use it as a work table.

I always have music going in the studio. When my Lady Fingers Clay buds come for a studio day jazz is my first choice, or maybe some Native American flute music.

My studio cat Pippi Longstocking loved to ride on the slab roller and napped with her head against the rough metal roller.

To the left is the glazing table backlit by the French doors. Every surface is designed to be easily cleaned because even trimming and sanding outside, the dust is always a problem.


Beyond the table on the East wall is a floor to ceiling shelf unit where I store chemicals, finishing tools, stamps, rollers and some work waiting to be finished like wind chimes needing to be strung.On the North wall I have low fire glazes, underglazes and cold finishes. On the South and Southeast walls the shelves house high fire glazes and containers.

studiotour5        But you are here to see pottery. Just past the slab roller to the right is  the     work area. Students who wish to sit to work do it there. It is an amazing maze of pottery tools, and items used to do the work.


Beyond, the walls are lined with shelves of finished pieces, they are usually displayed by seasons.      img_3756

The final point is the table and lamps I use to photograph the work before listing it in my Etsy RunningRabbitPottery shop.

You can see the work made here in the studio at my  Etsy. Runningrabbitpottery/shop.  Between November 24 and midnight Pacific time November 28 you can make the virtual open studio tour, and take a nice discount because if you came here personally I would give you some little piece from the pottery.

You are always welcome to the studio by appointment. Potters are generally a friendly lot. We love sharing our work and our passion for clay with others. We love clay and know the friendships and pleasures it has made possible in our lives. Each of the Lady Fingers came to the group through the love of clay and the warm welcome they found just being around potters.

Enjoy your tour, real or virtual and if possible take home a piece to remember us by.    img_3769

Merry Christmas, and happy holidays. May you be blest with beauty and joy.

5 thoughts on “The Clay Studio – A Virtual Tour

    1. LadyFingers

      Post author

      Thank you. Wish you could visit again. I hope to be in Mobile from Thursday till somewhere the following week. Maybe we can meet for coffee or tea. Love to all the family.

  1. Missy

    Pattie, I truly love your post and photos !! I have enjoyed your studio many times and its a wonderful, peaceful and creative inviting place to be. You are a amazing teacher and my mentor. love you girl !!

    1. LadyFingers

      Post author

      You know I love you Missy. Your sweet and generous spirit and the party you bring with you in your sense of fun makes our times memorable and healing. Happy holidays. Blessings.

  2. Susan

    What a delightful piece, Patti. I have so many fond memories of your studio. It's where I fell in love with clay, after all. I look forward to many more shared memories in your peaceful spot.


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