Tween Time


The studio is cleaned up a bit. When I go down it is chilly inside. I have drawn the shades against the cold. It is that "In Between Time."

Well, it's that in between time. Holidays have raced by. Now there is time before spring to renew, recharge and rediscover one's love for clay.

It's not that I do not love clay. But as with any creative passion, the inspiration gets bogged down by finishing, marketing, billing, mailing and just needing some down time.

And it's a good time. For some of us our studios are too cold to use in really wintry weather. Others of us are just worn out. And a few of us address neglected health or household chores.

I have enjoyed reading. I spent a lovely few days with Peter May in Provence. I reread a delightful children's book and ordered two owl books since I have found a steady market for my owl candleburners.

I am finishing a summer sweater and starting another. Making garden seed lists takes lots of time. I believe I receive every seed catalog there is for the US market.

All my roses now grow in pots. Deer you know!

Years ago my husband and I did research trying to find a rose under stock for the humid climate on the Gulf coast. After seven years we had a nice display bed and a stock we believed was "the one." Then a hurricane struck. We found two bushs after the winds and water receded. But my love for roses never left. Now I spend hours searching for roses we knew and worked with and the delightful miniature roses I showed when I lived on the coast. If you have any sources or stock to share contact me. Please!!

The nicest tween time activity we revived was a studio day. All the group came to my studio. After lunch we went down and worked happily all afternoon on bowls for two Empty Bowl projects we will take part in. Our bowls (donated) will be sold at soup suppers and proceeds will be given to the sponsoring charity. It was a fabulous fun day. We made some unique bowls and a few mugs for the mug share part of our clay conference weekend next month.

We are in full planning mode for our final fun time during the Tween Time. For the first time in four years we will all travel to Birmingham, Alabama for the annual Alabama Clay Conference. It is always a weekend of inspiration, learning. friendship and plain old fun. I am quite sure you will see photos and stories from coming blogs.

As for inspiration during Tween Time - well it's a bit of a story. My son is planning to move from his Florida home to be closer to me and the rest of the family. So he and I have spent three weekends traveling around the mountains of Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina. On our last excursion I saw a sign at a saw mill advertising that they had or would cut corn hole boards. Well! I have two model clay bowls with a place to cut kernals and at the same time hold the bouncy dears,   We'll see how that comes out. Makes me long for summer and fresh corn. Oh well, that too is coming.

Speaking of new and refreshing, all of us will be updating our websites and refreshing our individual pages. Please watch for the new and the lovely old as well. We treasure your friendship, your visits and your business. And we are:


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  1. Missy

    Patti, what a pleasure it was to read your blog. I really enjoy taking the time to read what you ladies write !! Keep the post coming !!


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